The Japan Public Choice Society
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Statement of Purpose

The term "Public Choice" has been used for more than 20 years now , and also has been 30 years since the "Non-Market Decision Making Studying Institute" became a "Public Choice Society" established in 1965 by Gordon Tullock and James Buchanan.

"Public Choice" has replaced the term "Non-Market Decision Making", expanded its use from the professional area to our daily life, and also used with the term "Externality". We have to develop the theories that are related to Public Choice, reorganize these theories which belongs in different fields such as Sociology , Political science , Economics, and produce a solution.

We strongly believe that we have to prepare a new definition for this word "Public Choice" determining from the situation of Japan today, that the related department build in these days placing the Public Choice as a main subject. Deeply related to the internationalization ,"Public Choice" is increasing its researchers in order to increase the capacity to face the range of research being expanded by the Non-border economic growth of the Asian Pacific region. And , I assume that there are increasing voices from the leading researchers from a European and an American Society .

Globaly , the position of the "Rational Choice Theory" is questioned on the process of new development of "Game Theory" and including new fields such as Political economics , and the Japanese researchers themselves are stepping on to the new zone .

The situation now is requiring to raise the quality of the Environment for the research of Public Choice by use the progressing multimedia , promote the research involving the foreign researchers , and introduce the results of the research to the foreign researchers .

We hope that there would be people who would understand our purpose and cooperate with us.